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Counterfeit & Generics | Freshbikes Cycling

The Danger of Counterfeit products

Warning to all cyclists.  Freshbikes is unable to accept service requests for generic and/or unbranded, and in our opinion untested and therefore extremely dangerous, Asian made carbon fiber frames purchased on the internet.  There is a huge potential liability with little to no company transparency if (and when) there is a product failure.  The liability and risk simply isn't worth the risk to your safety, and Freshbikes would urge you to beware of online offers from untrusted sources as they frequently are too good to be true.   

Service Bulletins

With the advent of carbon clincher technology and carbon fiber wheels in general, Freshbikes along with the cycling industry has been challenged with performance and safety concerns on untested and un-certified wheels.  After a frantic season with many dangerous failures of  generic asian sourced wheels, we really feel it is time to make a stand to eliminate any extra and known risk from the equation.  At this point, Freshbikes has chosen to stand along with the European bicycle parts safety certification (CEN) regarding the installation, repair and adjustment of carbon clincher and carbon tubular wheels.  Freshbikes is now requiring CEN certification for any wheel that arrives for service.  This unfortunately means we cannot replace a spoke, tube or make any adjustment on a bike adorned with uncertified carbon wheels as the liability is too great.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but your safety is paramount.


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