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Staff: That's What Makes Us a Great Shop!!

A bike shop is more than a place to buy cycling related items, it’s a place you go to for advice, and our staff is what make Freshbikes so special.  Our team of sales people, mechanics and managers, provide a truly unique bicycle shopping experience.  So stop by Freshbikes and find out what we are all about.

Freshbikes Staff

Our staff is perhaps the most eclectic mix of people to be found in working in a bike shop. We come from different countries, speak a variety of languages, have a breadth of past experiences, but share a common passion….cycling

For the last 25 years, Scott has worked in and around the outdoor and bike business. He has held positions in every facet of the industry, including mountain bike guide, bike sales, store management and even mechanic. As our faithful leader, Scott has provided the vision for his stores and has always known what Freshbikes could be before the door was ever opened. His passion for the best the industry has to offer drives everyone at Freshbikes to provide our customers with the best experience on the bike and in the shop.

MIKE DAVIS: Operations Manager

Like Scott, Mike has done everything there is to do in a bike shop, from working as a mechanic, on the floor in sales, in the back doing inventory management, and now as Operations Manager at Freshbikes. If you're wondering how we always have the hottest products in stock, Mike is our secret weapon, making magic happen behind the scenes. Mike races for cycling team Squadra Coppi, and can also be found racing mountain bikes, crushing centuries, or completing marathons. Mike came to Freshbikes as THE original employee because he felt it was the “center of the DC cycling universe,” and where else would a cyclist want to be?

CLOVIS ANDERSON JR.: Director of Fitting
Clovis joined Freshbikes in 2007 and quickly became indispensable.  Assuming the role of Lead Fitting Specialist in 2008, Clovis has attended numerous Fitting schools and symposiums to continue his education and bring value and experience back for our customers.  In 2011, Clovis became the mid-Atlantic’s first Certified BG FIT technician, making him one of the first to pass the new BG FIT certification standard, set by one of the world's foremost fit experts, Dr. Andy Pruitt.

Specifically addressing the needs of our many local triathletes, Clovis became a FIST (Fit Institute Slow Twitch) certified fitter in January of 2012.  Clovis has the experience, knowledge base, and tools to really help you increase power AND eliminate pain and discomfort on your bike. His passion is helping the rider to better realize their full potential and achieve their personal goals. Hailing from Brazil, Clovis is the former National Champion and an Olympian.  He was a professional cyclist from 1980 to 1992, and is certified by the UCI (International Cycling Union) as a cycling coach, specializing in track and road racing. Further credentials include studying under world renowned Spanish coach, Professor Jose Luiz Algarra (coach to Pro-Tour icon Miguel Indurain during his then historic run as a five-times Tour de France Champion).  Clovis is also a certified mechanic by Cannondale, Park Tool, and Finish Line.

GREG THOMAS: Technical Director

If you've been cycling in D.C. for any amount of time, by now you know "The Greg." Whether it's his renowned attention to detail, encyclopedic technical knowledge, or creativity in always finding the solution, Greg is simply the best. If you see him out on the trails, be sure to hand him a redbull and ask him how much lighter his bike is than the last time you saw him.

MARTIN HOOD: Service Manager

Martin spent 5 years with REI managing service departments before joining the Freshbikes team in 2012. Assisting in overseeing Freshbikes' service departments, Martin strives to encourage balancing perfection with timeliness. A graduate of the renowned Barnett Bicycle Institute and Shimano S-TEC certified, Martin is always up for a challenging project from wheelbuilding to suspension overhauls. When out of the shop, Martin can be found alternately preaching the need for 6 inches of suspension travel or the obvious superiority of tubulars - making Freshbikes the perfect place to call home.

PHILIP COLÓN: Service Manager, Freshbikes Bethesda

Originally from the area, but coming to us by way of NYC, Philip has been an amazing asset to our Bethesda location. Straightforward and detail-oriented, Philip has been a natural fit since day one - he takes great pride in offering excellent technical service, and the kind of advice that can only come from year-round commuting in one of the busiest cities on earth. With high expectations for his own equipment and yours, Philip is pleased to be in a shop that delivers the best!

NOËL CASTELLANDS: Sales Manager, Freshbikes Arlington

If you've been cycling in D.C. and don't know Greg, you MUST know Noël. Coming to Freshbikes after many years in the industry, if Noël hasn't sold you a bike, he certainly sold the one next to yours on the 7am. Bringing a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and a passion for excellence (and all things Italian), Noël is the consumate Pro. If you want to see him out on the road, you'd better wake up early or join him on his annual trip to Italy.

TONY LEONGINI: Sales, Freshbikes Arlington

A longtime friend and co-worker of Noël, Tony joins us with an equally lengthy resume and a sharp memory for each customer and bike that he's met. An avid mountain biker, Tony is the man to talk to before setting up your next off-road steed.

DAVE NEUBAUER: Sales, Freshbikes Bethesda

Dave has been with Freshbikes since just after we opened our Bethesda location. With a career in high-end retail and a riding resume of Downhill & BMX racing, Dave embodies what makes Freshbikes great: a passion for the best products and the riding chops to put them to the test. Passionate about getting everyone outside on their dream bike, Dave has ridden them all and is always happy to share his expert advice. If you see him out on the trail, it will only be a blur as he leans into the berm and clears the next double.. better follow his line!


If you've been cycling in D.C. and don't know Russ - well, just ask around.. A local legend with a national-level career, Russ has been racing and winning since well before Freshbikes was around. Though his race appearances are more limited these days, his speed is still top-notch. Currently studying Kinesiology, Russ knows the ins-and-outs of athletic performance, and is passionate about getting more people out to ride.


Rounding out our team, and another local legend, Pete can be spotted at local Masters races when he's not in the shop. A lifetime cyclist, Pete brings a solid expertise to Freshbikes, and offers coaching services as well.



Our Brand

A World Class bike shop serving the District, Maryland and Virginia since 2006, Freshbikes is proud to offer a boutique experience with unrivaled selection, service and expertise.