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What Our Customer Have to Say

Stop by our shop on a busy Saturday and you’ll see a flurry of activity… you’ll see our sales people helping with bike purchases, mechanics tuning bikes and fitters working closely to dial-in the perfect fit. Pay close attention, because one thing you’ll notice is that all of our customers have a passion… a passion for cycling and a passion for Freshbikes. Our customers are what makes Freshbikes the best bike shop around, but don’t take our word for it… ask them!!

Customers: Our Most Important Asset

Some of the best things that can be said about our shop don’t come from us, they come from our customers. Just see what some of our recent customers had to say about their experience at Freshbikes.

Emails & Comments from Our Customers

Ross E. - Feb 3, 2015 via email

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate  the guidance I received from Clovis and Dave at the Bethesda store.  Their help was top notch, professional,  and they were so patient.  I had my new bike custom fitted due to  a significant health issue that had impeded me from riding.  I am now on my way to recovery and feel confident as a result of Clovis' and Dave's efforts.  You should be so proud to have them as part of your team. They literally spent hours with me making sure everything was just right.

B Leavitt. - Nov 1, 2014 via email

Hey Clovis, the fit feels amazing great work! I had no idea I could feel so comfortable on the bike. If I didn't know any better I wouldn't even think it was the same bike. I'll give you an update after I get some hard rides in but as of now it feels perfect.

D. Meacham. - Jan. 28, 2014 via email

On June 1, 2013 I met with Clovis Anderson for a Fitting on my Specialized Roubaix. I was very aware of his excellent reputation. As much as I enjoyed my Roubaix, the pain that it caused in my hands, back and knees was of concern. After closely studying me on his trainer, Clovis delivered his opinion. My bike is too large. It can't be properly fitted for you. This did not come as a total surprise. Recently I had attended a large group ride. I noticed that most of the riders were on smaller bikes compared to mine.Clovis went on to explain how the type of stem used along with my new Scram components were set up improperly. This too was not surprising. I had many disappointing encounters with Bike Shops of questionable ethic's.

Clovis suggested I try some of the bikes that they carried. After many test rides I decided on a Cervelo R5 Dura Ace. What I immediately loved about the Cervelo were the shifters. They were so easy to use. Clovis set the bike up for me. I was assured that this bike would allow me to ride greater distances with far less stress on my body. I put my faith in Clovis and Freshbikes. Ultimately their claims would be challenged over time.

Today some eight months later, with 4,000 miles logged I understand how sound the advice of Clovis was. I have the greatest respect for his knowledge and skills. Today I can say that cycling has become a way of life for me. My previous hand, back and knee pain have have subsided greatly.

All of my experiences with Freshbikes have been positive. Harrison was assigned to me for service and sales. Harrison helped me sell my Roubaix. He assisted in writing an ad that we put on Craig's list. It sold within ten days for a good price. 

An issue of concern was with the Michelin Pro 4 tires. They are the best tires in my opinion to run on the Cervelo. For what ever reason the Michelin tires were showing premature wear on the side walls. I read some where that Michelin had moved it's manufacturing plant to Thailand. I informed Freshbikes and they replaced two pair of the tires for me.

I became so comfortable in dealing with Freshbikes that in July I bought a second bike. A Cannondale CADD 10. It has become my rain and winter bike. It really is a wonderful bike. It was shipped to me without any hitches. It was fitted with the information stored on their computer from my first fitting. Eliminating the need for me to make a special trip to Arlington.

Anyone interested in the finest collection of cycling products, world class bike fitting and superior customer service should visit Freshbikes. It will be well worth your time.

D Meacham
Lewes Delaware 

Peter - Dec. 18, 2013 via email

I've been a customer of Freshbikes since 2010, when I bought my Imperiale at the Bethesda shop.  About two months ago I bought my Dogma at the Arlington shop.  Both buying experiences were great, and I am extremely pleased with the purchase and fitting re the Dogma.  Clovis carefully and masterfully did the 3-D fit for me--not only for the Dogma, but also in making much-needed adjustments for the Imperiale, as well.  It turned out that I was under the misconception that a 56 bike was best for me, while really a 53 or 54 is the ideal size.  With clear explanations, Clovis explained why the dimensions (especially the reach) needed to be less.  The bottom line is that he perfectly fitted both the Dogma (53) and Imperiale (now with 80 vs 120 stem) and I feel that I could ride forever on either bike. In fact, the corrected bike-fit is largely responsible for eliminating the neck and shoulder pain that I felt before.  I also appreciate the help I got from Jason and Brian in buying the Dogma--they helped me define what I wanted and what was best for me.  Special thanks to Scott, who is a hands-on owner, who is right there with the others and takes great care of customers (especially the loyal ones.)   Also, the mechanics at Freshbikes are outstanding--much better than those at other bike shops--they did a super job in preparing the new bike, and the mechanics at the Bethesda shop have done excellent work in helping me to maintain the Imperiale.  As others have said--Freshbikes is the best shop for serious cyclists, and I have and will continue to recommend Freshbikes to my friends.    Many thanks!   Peter

Peter-Oct 19,2013 via email

Hi Mike, Clovis,
I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the help you gave me yesterday. Clovis you for setting me up with a good fit, and Mike you making the deal work.
I just got back from a 50 mile bike ride in the Poolesville/Potomac area and have nothing but good things to report about my new Cannondale. It is a complete different ride than my Serotta and I like it very much. No problems to report other than that I have to get used to the new saddle, but I am sure that will work out aswell. Everybody at home thinks it is a very cool looking bike, but we knew that already! 
I will keep in touch and again, Thanks for all the help and support.

Robert - Jan. 28, 2012 via

I'm not usually too big on writing reviews but saw all the negative comments on this shop and was really surprised. I just relocated to Alexandria from Asheville, NC (a real cycling destination, IMO) and LOVE the variety of shops in the area. There are some good ones much closer to my house but, in the DC area, this has to be the best!

I can understand a few of the complaints about prices being high but I really think that those are likely from over-whelmed consumers. This is a SERIOUS bicycle shop. Not a great place for beginner or returning cyclists; not a great place for someone wanting to get a cheap bike for beating on or for building the 1970-something Schwinn - fixie conversion; but if you're looking to find the perfect Cervelo this is the shop for you...and you're probably the consumer this shop is designed for anyway. I've visited bike shops all over the country and this place is a real candy shop. Never seen a larger collection of Pinarello (really gets the juices flowing)..and even for the nice bling items (Red CF Blackburn bottle cages!!).

The complaints about service I can't relate to, either. I drove in on a whim in my filthy work truck and dressed pretty ragged but still received prompt, friendly service. I'm sure I had a lost look on my face as I tried to take in all the high-end bikes, wheels, components that line every inch of the huge store but was shown around and then not hasseled as I browsed. If you're looking, you'll notice the new electronic Campy Grouppo on one bike next to a DI2 equipped frame beside it..but the service I received was helpful in finding my way through it all.

If you're looking for a bike shop for the high end consumer, I doubt that it gets ANY better than this. I was even reading about a program they have to accomodate out-of-town buyers in purchasing a high-end race-ready road bike...for everyday items they've definitely got the tube or chain you need and a couple nice items to dress up your steed... but if you don't have any idea what you're looking for and just want a cheap bike to lock up outside it is probably in everyone's best interest to look elsewhere.

Patricia ? - Apr 5, 2011

You have a very professional and hardworking team. I’m in a service business as well, so I appreciate every customer is different. One of my partners bought her first ‘serious’ bike from you a year ago, and told me I should consider visiting your store when I was ready to upgrade. It had been 33 years since I bought my last road bike—no kidding. It is a Fuji 12 speed which still rides fine, and actually was a high end bike in 1977. Though I have quite a few friends with very nice current bikes, I had lots to learn given how technology has changed before buying. Jason took lots of time with me over several weeks and lots of test rides. He was also candid with me in ways that made me trust him as a business person.

Dagmar ? - Mar 31, 2011
We decided to bite the bullet and upgrade our bikes to carbon frame. The staff at Conte’s spent hours talking about bikes, helping us find the right ones, and just generally making us feel good about our investments. Stacy and Jason helped us find models that accomplished our cycling goals, did not try to push more bike than we wanted or needed, but didn’t just show us the dog they wanted to get rid of. We ended up getting a good deal and two bikes, and Jason helped me upgrade on wheels , since we dropped a lot of money. (This isn’t a cheap sport, if you take it seriously). We’ve had the bikes for two weeks now, and could not be happier. It was indeed, a life-changing experience to upgrade to these bikes. A special note about Clovis. This guy knows his stuff, takes his job seriously, and nailed the fits for both of us. And, he is a great source of knowledge about cycling, and willing to share that knowledge. I have no idea why people complain about the service. We first came in here in July 2009 knowing nothing, they’ve helped educate us, been patient with stupid questions, and we really enjoy going in there. If you want a townie bike, it’s not the right place. If you want to get into cycling as a sport, it’s the only game in town

Sierra ? - Mar 28, 2011
This is not your kid’s Bike Shop - any respectable shop can do a decent repair on a simple bike but it takes real experts to work on the complex components on a quality bike. I needed knowledgeable, expert repair on my Merlin and I got exactly that and much more. This is a store for real Road Warriors!!

Thanks, Great Fit! - Sep 21, 2009

It was nice meeting and working with you on Friday. The bike fit experience was great. I rode for a combined 3.5hrs this weekend and my legs felt great. The bike feels like it was built just for me. The pain in my knee is pretty much nonexistent now.
I will be back soon with my mountain bike and possibly some minor tweaks to my road bike.
Thanks again,

November 16, 2009

I had an awesome first IRONMAN race in Florida on 11/7/09, mostly because of the great bike fit you made for me!!! I had no foot numbness, no knee pain, and just a bit of saddle soreness, to be expected for an 8 hour ride. In the past it always took me a mile or two of running before my feet felt normal, and this time I hopped off the bike and was able to start running comfortably right away. I also had no back soreness. I wish I’d gone to you first for a fitting when I got the bike two years ago…



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