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Holiday Special: 2012 Cervélo R5 w/New SRAM Red

Normally during the holidays, cyclists are presented with quite a dilemma.  With so many good deals around it's quite enticing to go out and purchase that new bike.  But one might think a personal purchase is selfish during this season of giving.  Well, Freshbikes has a solution, buy yourself a new bike and get a free iPad Mini to gift to someone else (or be really selfish and keep it).

That's right Freshbikes has an awesome deal, purchase a Cervélo R5 with new SRAM Red and get a free 32gb iPad Mini with Wifi. And this isn't just a regularly priced R5, no way, this is actually the lowest price of the season Cervélo R5 for just $5,699.  That over $1,200 OFF!!

For more information about this amazing bike, to check our inventory OR to purchase this bike; head on over to the online store.