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Best Bikes, Best Staff and Exceptional Service

When your bike needs the best service center around, look no further than Freshbikes.  Our team of mechanics are unrivaled in the region, and when your bike needs that extra attention, these guys are there for you.

Maintenance & Repair That Rivals The Pro Tour

Freshbikes features an award-winning service department staffed by the best in the business. The team is led by our Director of Mechanical Services, Curtis Pippins.  Curtis manages our talented group including Bethesda Service Manager Jason Harris and our Mosaic Service Manager Alex Manente.  Utilizing above industry tools & equipment such as an industrial grade Ultra-Sonic parts cleaner, P&K Lie wheel building station, and a Morizumi custom spoke cutter, the Freshbikes Mechanical Services team is as leading edge as our product assortment.  With protocols and technical procedures developed by our Technical Director, Greg Thomas, and Master mechanic Brad Copeland; our service standards for mechanical excellence set the bar.

Super Experienced Mechanics

Freshbikes mechanical staff is unrivaled with over 50 years of combined experience.  Unlike most bike shops, our six, full-time mechanics are here year-round. So whether you need a tune-up before heading to Cyclocross Nats, or your wheels trued before you head out in the snow, you can be sure you will always receive top notch service.

All mechanics at Freshbikes go through rigorous testing and attend annual training seminars to stay up to date on the latest techniques and technologies.

Industry Leading Tools

Our industry leading talent is also equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Freshbikes is one of the few shops in the area to feature a environmentally-friendly, ultra-green, ultrasonic cleaner. Yea that’s right, an ultrasonic parts cleaner!! That’s the same type of cleaner that NASCAR uses to clean race car transmissions.

Ultrasonic cleaners leave your parts clean enough to eat off of since they only use soap, water and sound waves to clean the parts. This leaves ZERO greasy residue. So not only will your bike look and perform great but stay cleaner, longer. And with other industry leading tools, such as digital torque wrenches, digital gram scales, etc, our mechanics have the top tools to make your bike perform at it’s best.

Service Bulletins

With the advent of carbon clincher technology and carbon fiber wheels in general, Freshbikes along with the cycling industry has been challenged with performance and safety concerns on untested and un-certified wheels.  After a frantic season with many dangerous failures of  generic asian sourced wheels, we really feel it is time to make a stand to eliminate any extra and known risk from the equation.  At this point, Freshbikes has chosen to stand along with the European bicycle parts safety certification (CEN) regarding the installation, repair and adjustment of carbon clincher and carbon tubular wheels.  Freshbikes is now requiring CEN certification for any wheel that arrives for service.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but your safety is paramount.